Miami After Dark

Julius #1

A Primogen request

Log du équipe réduite

A Primogen request

La Leorora request the PCs to find back some goods that had been robed to her.

The Good is a 17yo male that live in Overtown. La Leorora do not give extra details on the what / who / why. The PCs do not have to question there elder.

La Leorora deliver a private investigator (Jenner Investigator) files that does not reveal much:

  • Julius do not do school
  • julius do not have car
  • julius rent a small appartement in Overtown, in Netas Association Gang controled Aera
  • Julius does not looks like he do dealing for the Netas

Netas Association

PCs go to Julius address, found 6 Netas Gangers at the building entrance. Thoses looks to prevents PCs to go on there investigation.

After some chitchat/Presence/Domination, PCS can investigate Julius Appartment.

He his not here, appartement looks to have seen a little brawl. Neighbour old Portorican lady confirm the PCs last night was rucus, some “not from the neightbour punk comed to mess with julius” but confirm that in the end Julius followed strange man with a Spider tatoo on the temple from her own will.

Dead End for the PC. Orielo suggest to gp see a Nosferatu courier of hil that should know about this Spider Tatooed Punk

The Glades

The only way to contact the Nosferatu is to drive 1h into the glades to an abandonned House.

They arrive 1am and notice noise coming from closed by outside hangar. Not seen the Nosferatu, the PCs decided to break in the hangar.

They found a caged’n chained Cainite Lady. PCs decide to not free her before talking to Wax.

Wax, the Nosferatu finally shows up, menacing Arnold with a Shotgun. After things they get cleared with Wax, Arnold and Orielo. They get in Wax main house.

End of sesssion


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