Game mechanics Feedbacks

Players feedbacks

  • reducing attributs to 3 is great, specialities allow customisation
  • action resolving is pretty straight forward and simple: pool your dices, 6+ = 1 success. Standard diff required 2 success
  • choosing not to roll and take average is GREAT!! and works well with the compulsions system
  • too many variable attributes: Hunger, Rouse the blood, Willpower, Composure, Health
  • damage management is way simpler than previous versions

Storyteller feedbacks

  • taking average really allow a non disruptive experience
  • compulsions are a bit too repetitives
  • the rouse / compulsion / composure / hunger mechanics is a bit of a mess. 4 components mecanics is a little too much for an ambiance game

From session 2

  • initiative is not a clear thing
  • hand to hand combat looks pretty boring

Game mechanics Feedbacks

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